Why do I have to pay to volunteer?

Organizations you volunteer with live off donations and volunteer fees. Your fees help cover those expenses, as well as food and accommodations during your stay. Sometimes the cost is very low, in which case you will have to get to the site on your own and need minimum support while in the country. In other cases, fees include airport pick-up, transfer to site, detailed orientation in an office space where you can meet other volunteers, learn more about your trip, use WiFi and more.

What’s your refund policy? Do I get my money back if I can’t go?

We issue full refunds with no cancellation fee up to one week before the trip. After that we can issue a 75% refund prior to the date of your trip or give you credit for the whole amount for future trips. We can’t issue a refund on or after your trip start date.

Is volunteering physically demanding?

In short - it varies, but it can get very physical and, depending on your trip’s location, weather conditions also may make it worse. Make sure to read through the trip's description, and if you are still not sure, send us an email, and we’ll be happy to help or recommend a trip better suited for your needs. We want you to have great experience and will always advocate for safety first.

What if I volunteer and on the first day realize this isn’t for me?

We solve these types of issues on a case-by-case basis and a lot of times our partners in the country can place you in a different program. Say you wanted to work in the jungle and learned on site that you can’t stand the heat or humidity. We will do our best to find you something else to do to enjoy your trip.

I have allergies. Can I request a special diet?

Let us know before booking if you have any concerns about the food. We can help to make sure this particular trip is safe for you.

I want to go to Latin America, but don’t speak Spanish

It is very common for volunteers to speak only English (sometimes at a basic level) and still have a great experience. And even though we recommend that you learn some basic words and common expressions to help you get around, communication is never a problem.

Why do a lot of volunteering trips start only on particular days?

Organizing volunteer work is a complicated process that involves an orientation and onboarding newcomers. It is hard to meet new volunteers every day and still maintain a regular schedule of a project. For this reason, we cannot be flexible with start dates for volunteering projects.

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