Plant, harvest and process coffee at eco farm

Antigua, Guatemala

Eco-Agriculture volunteers work in a farming community at the base of a volcano in the Guatemalan highlands. The coffee co-operative there was set up with the help of a non-profit organization focused on economic development and sustainable agriculture in Guatemala. All coffee is organic, shade grown, hand processed, and sun-dried. Your role may vary depending on seasonal needs, as well as your skills and abilities. The coffee harvesting season is from December until early March, but there is plenty of work year round!

  • Plant and prune coffee trees, tends to the coffee tree nursery
  • Harvest and process coffee beans, roast, and package the final product
  • Fertilize the fields with organic matter (coffee husks)
  • Join reforestation efforts and supplemental agriculture projects
  • Repair coffee production equipment and assist with construction projects
  • Tend to the small farm animals
  • Assist with international marketing and sales of the coffee
  • Minimum age of 17 years

    In order to join the program, you need to be at least 17 years old on the program start date.

  • A background check

    Background checks can be obtained from local police departments or online at websites such as SentryLink.com and BeenVerified.com. We accept background checks that have been made within one calendar year prior to your program start date. In lieu of a background check, we accept 2 reference letters from two different people such as an employer, colleague, or professor, but NOT a family member. Reference letters must include how the reference knows you, how long they have known you (must be longer than 1 year), as well as their contact details and signature.

  • Airport pick-up

    Please note, that the closest airport is in Guatemala city. We can also arrange a pick-up at the bus station or at nearby accommodations instead of the airport.

  • Accommodations

    Most participants stay with a pre-approved middle-class Guatemalan family. You may request a private room for an additional charge. For shared rooms, you are placed with 1-3 other people of the same gender and age group.

  • Food

    Breakfast and dinner are included.

  • Orientation

    Orientation upon arrival covers safety information, rules, and expectations.

  • Airfare

    To get a better deal, please purchase your tickets to Guatemala City well in advance.

  • Travel insurance

    We strongly recommend purchasing international travel insurance that covers emergency medical expenses.

  • Public bus transportation to and from the project site

    Our projects are located in the Antigua area. As a volunteer, you are responsible for your daily transportation to and from your project site. Local bus rides are affordable, and a one-way trip typically costs about $1 or less, but may cost more if your project is further outside Antigua. Taxis are a lot more expensive. We recommend budgeting about $5 per day for transport.

  • Getting around

    Our projects are located in the Antigua area. Walking or taking the bus is the most effective and cheapest way to get to and from your project. Travel time varies widely from project to project, and you should expect to spend 20-60 minutes traveling each way. Depending on your project and housing locations, you may need to change buses. If you prefer to take taxis, they are also widely available. On your first day at the project, you will travel on local transport with a host organization (Maximo Nivel) representative who will provide all the necessary information on how to get there and back.

  • WiFi

    Included in your program is access to a computer lounge at the host organization (Maximo Nivel institute). You can also bring a laptop, tablet, or other personal electronic device to use the free WiFi at the institute.

  • Money

    If you want to exchange cash in any currency other than US dollars, it must be done at the airport or prior to arrival as banks in Antigua do not accept any other foreign currencies.

  • Arrival (Sunday)

    Airport pick up, accommodations and orientation. You can arrive earlier, and we can help arrange lodging for your stay, but the accommodations included in the price will be available on Sunday.

  • Orientation and first day at the site (Day 2)

    On your first day at the project, you will travel on local transport with a host organization (Maximo Nivel) representative who will provide all the necessary information on how to get there and back.

  • Working hours

    Working hours may vary slightly, but you can expect to work 3-4 hours per day, Monday to Friday. Your volunteer shift is in either the morning or the afternoon depending on the needs of your project.

  • Weekends

    In your free time you can participate in salsa and cooking classes at the host organization (Maximo Nivel) center for free!

  • Clothes

    Please wear clothes you do not mind getting dirty or even ruining

  • Work gloves
  • Sturdy boots
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug repellent
  • Hat

    Wide-brimmed hats are useful for outdoor work.

Price: $725 / 1 week

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